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Friday, August 14, 2009

PuiSi unTuK Abah..

papa papa..
i miss u
although u go without say GOOD BYE to me..
i never impenitient that..
because i love so much..

papa papa..
we never talk like as friend and father to doughter..
i never impenitient with it..
cuz` i know u a the great father..

papa papa..
when i can see u again,
i feel i lost something,
but i don`t care about that..
cuz` i know you always in my mind and my heart.

papa papa
sometimes i`m crying,
when i thingking about you,
cuz` i miss you,
but i know you always with me..
every day, every time, and everywhere..
i love you Abah..

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